Jen McLeran
About Jen McLeran: I received a Master of Architecture in 2000 from Virginia Tech and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in 1988 from Georgia Tech.

After receiving my architecture degree, I worked as an intern at the following architecture firms:

At these firms I gained valuable design and work experience in:

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( « top)Projects: The types of projects I worked on while at these firms include renovations, adaptive reuse and new construction. I developed floor plans, interior and exterior elevations, sections and details for individual apartment units, multi-story apartment buildings, assisted living and health care facilities, community centers, schools and museums during all phases of design. I also developed master plans for a continuing care retirement community and a major university=s school of music. Projects for which I played both a project management and design role include a work release and residential treatment facility, an outdoor swimming pool at a resort in West Virginia that encompassed 9,400 sf of locker rooms, kitchen and dining facilities, retail and support space, and an 8000 sf addition for the same school of music for which I developed the master plan.

For the past six years I have been overseeing the renovation of my own row house in Baltimore City giving me direct experience in undergoing a live-in home renovation while on a limited budget. The combination of my professional and personal experience gives me unique insight into the issues of such an undertaking.  I decided to start this business because I recognize that many homeowners and small developers could benefit from my knowledge and experience, and few design professionals offer services for small scale residential design projects on a modest budget.  Given the plethora of aging housing stock in the city, this is a perfect opportunity for me to match my passion and my skills with a need.





Contact: Jen McLeran 410.243.2656